Toronto-born hip hop emcee/rapper and psychotherapist MC FÜBB – pronounced “emcee foob”; aka Daniel Farb – has released a new music track (and accompanying video) called Dear Doctor.

The introduction to the 4 minute music video says:

“Speaking from the perspective of being both a past consumer and a current provider of mental health services, Dear Doctor is a response to the legacy of over-medicalized, disease-focused treatment in psychiatry’s history, and a call for greater humanism and person-centeredness in the world of mental healthcare.

Performed over a boom-bap instrumental by producer and beat-maker Execute, ‘Dear Doctor’ explores themes of being pigeon-holed by diagnostic categories; the often overlooked impact of the social determinants of mental health; and pleads with those in the helping professions to ‘be real’ and authentic in their interactions with their patients/clients …”

You can find out more from here.



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