Is mental health breaking the NHS?

“Doctors are more likely to have depression, anxiety, abuse drugs and alcohol, have higher suicide rates compared to the average population …”

This podcast (23 minutes, presented by Mathew Price) comes from the BBC’s Beyond Today series. The written introduction says:

“Once more the NHS [the United Kingdom’s National Health Service] is at the heart of a general election campaign and politicians on all sides are promising to improve the health service. With more than four million patients on the NHS waiting list and delays in A&E at their worst level since records began, many people believe the health system in struggling. But, what’s not as widely talked about is the way the service is dealing with the growing number of people needing treatment for their mental health.

In this episode we speak to Ellen Welch, a general practitioner who’s written a book about the history of the NHS and to Catherine Renton, a patient who has been on the NHS waiting list for mental health treatment for 18 months. We also talk to trainee junior doctor Samara Linton about her experiences of working on the front line at a NHS psychiatric unit, and why she thinks it’s not just the public’s mental health that is suffering.”

You can listen to the podcast here.

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