A History of Delusions

This excellent podcast (57 minutes) from the BBC explores many different aspects of delusions, including some of their causes, and some ways of best helping those who experience them.

Presented by clinical psychologist Prof. Daniel Freeman, the podcast’s coverage also includes:

  • Examples of various types of delusion.
  • ICU Delirium. Caused by the experience of being in intensive care, especially from the cocktail of psychoactive drugs usually administered, ICU Delirium occurs in perhaps two-thirds of those admitted to ICUs, with more than 50% of these struggling with psychological distress for a long period afterwards (every year in England there are 250,000 adult ICU admissions).
  • The small number of cases involving a link between psychosis and disorders in the immune system (e.g. encephalitis).
  • The use of VR (virtual reality) to help with people suffering from paranoia.
  • Psychosocial factors.
  • A comparison of delusions as defined in psychiatric terms, and the beliefs of those in the general public who hold extreme political views.
  • Children and young people: genes and the environment in relation to delusions.
  • Psychological therapies.

You can listen to the podcast here.

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