How will psychiatrists administer psychedelic treatments?

This article has been written (within an American context) by Derek Beres and published on the Big Think website. It begins:

“Psychedelic therapy is imminent. Within six years, the market for this new wave of therapeutics is predicted to reach nearly $7 billion. With advocates and investors like Tim Ferriss leading the way, protocols for implementing psilocybin, MDMA, LSD, and ibogaine into treatments for depression, PTSD, addiction recovery, and existential distress are being crafted right now.

How will psychiatrists adapt to these new substances?

This is no easy question. Unlike antidepressants currently on the market, you cannot visit a psychiatrist or general practitioner and receive a script within 10 minutes—a longstanding issue in modern psychiatry, especially given that antidepressants don’t work better than talk therapy (or as this meta-analysis shows, work better in conjunction with psychotherapy) and carry with them many physical risks. One of the most prominent side effects is weight gain, which has the potential to lead to a whole series of further physical and mental health problems …”

You can read more – or listen to this article – from here.

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