Teens, tech and mental health: Oxford study finds no link

Zoe Kleinman reports for the BBC:

There remains ‘little association’ between technology use and mental-health problems, a study of more than 430,000 10 to 15-year-olds suggests.

The Oxford Internet Institute compared TV viewing, social-media and device use with feelings of depression, suicidal tendencies and behavioural problems.

It found a small drop in association between depression and social-media use and TV viewing, from 1991 to 2019,

There was a small rise in that between emotional issues and social-media use.

Happy people

‘We couldn’t tell the difference between social-media impact and mental health in 2010 and 2019,’ study co-author Prof Andrew Przybylski. said.

‘We’re not saying that fewer happy people use more social media.

‘We’re saying that the connection is not getting stronger.’

And this was a warning to regulators and lawmakers focusing on commonly held beliefs about the harmful effects of technology on young people’s mental health …”

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