Sravya Attaluri: The activist of colour who is shaking up mental health and feminism through art

Peony Hirwani reports for The Independent:

“For years Sravya Attaluri, a third culture child, struggled to fit in and understand her place in the diverse foreign countries where she grew up.

Today this 25-year-old artist and woman of colour, with a formidable social media following, uses feminist artworks to advocate for mental health and body positivity, while proactively drawing brown skin to connect with people who look like her.

Attaluri was born in Hyderabad, India, and subsequently her family moved to Korea, followed by Hong Kong. ‘I grew up travelling quite a bit, and when you do that and you’re third-cultured, you start to question your identity,’ she said. The term third-cultured refers to those individuals who are raised in a culture other than that of their parents or of their country.

From an early age, the artist grew up questioning what culture she associated with.

“Sometimes I feel like I can associate with all the cultures that I’m exposed to, but at the same time I feel like I don’t belong in any.”

Attaluri learnt bits and pieces of the language of the places she lived in, but couldn’t speak them, which is when her love for art came in handy.

‘Art was a way that I could communicate to everybody and is universal. So it became my language,’ she said. …”

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