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Mental health hospitals are ‘making children worse’, leading charity warns

Rebecca Thomas reports for The Independent: “Mental health hospitals for children are making patients worse, a major charity has found, as more than half of those they treat report negative experiences. Britain’s child inpatient mental health units are being used as…
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Psychedelic drug trip improves symptoms of depression for six months, breakthrough study finds

Nina Massey reports for The Independent: “A psychedelic drug that gives trips lasting half an hour improves the symptoms of moderate to severe depression for up to six months, early trial results suggest. Biotechnology company Small Pharma announced the results of…
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Toxic workplaces increase risk of depression by 300%, researchers find

This report come from Rory Sullivan, writing for The Independent. It begins: “Staff who work for organisations that disregard their  employees ’ wellbeing are three times more likely than their peers to have  depression , according to a new study. Researchers at the  University of South Australia
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I’ve experimented with psychedelic drugs to improve my mental health – don’t call me a ‘waster’

In an article published in The Independent, Kiran Sidhu writes : “There’s a strength and a maturity in seeing things the way they are and not how you want them to be. MDMA and psychedelic  therapy  have been used as tools for…
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Sravya Attaluri: The activist of colour who is shaking up mental health and feminism through art

Peony Hirwani reports for The Independent: “For years Sravya Attaluri, a third culture child, struggled to fit in and understand her place in the diverse foreign countries where she grew up. Today this 25-year-old artist and woman of colour, with…
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Taking MDMA could help to treat alcoholism, study suggests

Chiara Giordano reports for The Independent: “Taking  MDMA  could help treat  alcohol addiction , according to a new study. During an eight-week trial in Bristol, 14 people with alcohol problems were given a controlled amount of the party drug, also known as  ecstasy , during…
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As a teenager, I believe our mental health is harmed by this dehumanising education system

Writing in The Independent , Romy McCarthy says: “On GCSE results day this week, I couldn’t help but cast my mind back to the daunting day last year as I walked through the school gates with my parents, trying my best to…
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Green neighbourhoods linked to improved mental health, says study

The Independent newspaper reports (April 2018) that: “Natural neighbourhoods lined with trees, gardens, and flowering plants can be a green ‘pill’ for depression and anxiety, according to the largest study of mental health and nature in British cities. The research, by…
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