Kyrie Farm: A transformative initiative for Ireland’s mental health services

This new initiative plans to open in March 2023. The organisers say:

The Kyrie Therapeutic Farm will support recovery through the creation of a healing environment combining a supportive community, therapeutic and holistic care and meaningful opportunities for participating in a natural farm setting in Ireland.!


The purpose of Kyrie Therapeutic Farm is to create in Ireland a world class therapeutic centre that encapsulates the best possible support, while putting the person at the centre of their own care plan and recovery. It will encompass:

  1. We aspire to be fully in line with the aspirations of the strategy set out in the Irish Department of Health’s mental health strategy, Vision for Change (2006) and subsequent improvements as outlined in Sharing the Vision (2020).
  2. Addressing the critical gaps in the current system 
    a. Between community and acute services like Psychiatric Hospitals and Outpatient care
    b. To serve as a step-down capability for patient recovery and reintegration.
    c. An early intervention and preventative option for people before requirement for acute services.
  3. Examples of similar therapeutic settings in the United States (Gould Farm, Hopewell Farm), the EU (Urtica De Vijfsprong in the Netherlands) and Ireland (Sli Eile)

You can find out more from here.

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