Coming off lithium ‘lifted the veil’ of tranquillising medication for a more fulfilling life

This article by John Kelly has been published by Mad in Ireland. It begins: “You have bipolar disorder? No need to be so bloody sheepish about it!’ Insisted Mattias bullishly, on hearing why I had an appointment that required me to take time…
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Kyrie Farm: A transformative initiative for Ireland’s mental health services

This new initiative plans to open in March 2023. The organisers say: “The Kyrie Therapeutic Farm will support recovery through the creation of a healing environment combining a supportive community, therapeutic and holistic care and meaningful opportunities for participating in a natural farm setting in Ireland.!…
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The gap year for social, emotional and vocational learning in Irish secondary education

Aidan Clerkin, from the Educational Research Centre (Dublin, Ireland), writes : “The Irish education system includes a quasi-gap year, known as transition year (TY), midway through secondary school. Students may choose to complete six years of secondary education (including TY as the…
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Clonakilty has become Ireland’s first autism-friendly town

Geraldine Gittens, writing in the (Irish) Independent newspaper : “Clonakilty has become Ireland’s first autism-friendly town. Over 80 businesses and organisations carried out four specific actions, in association with the As I Am charity, in order to achieve the accolade. They erected…
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