The student studying the healing power of surfing

Morag Kinniburgh reports for BBC News Scotland:

Jamie Marshall says his PhD from Edinburgh’s Napier University is the first in the world focused on ‘surf therapy’.

He has spent the past four years studying what he says are the healing powers of surfing.

‘When you are trying to stand up on that board there is nothing else in the world,’ Jamie says.

‘I had a US marine tell me that when he was out on the water surfing it was the only time in his life he could guarantee he wasn’t going to experience a flashback associated with PTSD.’

Sixteen-year-old Kacee was referred by his social worker to try to build his confidence.

He says: ‘Before, I thought I could not do it and I thought it’d be very difficult but now I’ve realised it is quite easy.

‘If you put your mind to something you can really achieve a lot.’

Kacee is an active young person but can experience high levels of anxiety due to autism.

He says lockdown had been hard for him, especially not being able to see friends.

‘It’s been quite difficult just not talking to people and this made a big difference in my social wellbeing and my anxiety,’ Kacee says.

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