Why Writing can be Good for Your Mental Health

This article by Ashe Fox has been published on the Sea Sanctuary website. It begins:

‘Write hard and clear about what hurts,’ wrote prolific author Ernest Hemmingway; it’s something he demonstrated in much of his works. So what are the benefits of writing for your mental health? Was Hemmingway really onto something?

Turns out he was. Research has shown that writing about the things we go through, can actually improve our mental wellbeing. There are hundreds of studies that have shown that there’s a positive impact on people who write, but while research has shown it’s true, the why and the how are still up for discussion.

Some suggestions are that keeping things inside and not expressing them, can cause psychological distress. Therefore, getting things out of your mind and onto the page is a way of releasing some of the stress, in a way where you can decide how, when, and in a safe environment. Even without talking to someone, writing can be a release …”

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