Schizophrenia and Genetics: The End of An Illusion

This book comes from Jay Joseph. The publishers say:

“Schizophrenia is a widely investigated psychiatric condition, and though there have been claims of gene ”associations,’ decades of molecular genetic studies have failed to produce confirmed causative genes. In this book, Joseph focuses on the methodological shortcomings of schizophrenia genetic research.

His findings have major implications not only on how we understand the causes of schizophrenia and other psychiatric conditions, but also on how we understand the causes of human behavior in general. Chapters explore the differing theoretical concepts of schizophrenia, molecular genetic research around schizophrenia, family, twin, and adoption studies, and non-medical prevention and intervention strategies. Prominent researchers and studies in the field are discussed and critiqued comprehensively throughout.

This book is essential reading for psychiatrists, psychologists, behavioral scientists, and anyone interested in the causes of human behavior.”

You can find out more – including taking a look inside the book – from here.

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