Re-Imagining Psychosis with Filmmaker Rebeccah Love

This interview with film director Rebeccah Love (about her film “Eve Parade”) has been published by Mad in Canada. The background to the interview is described:

“On December 30 (2021), I sat down (virtually) with filmmaker/artist Rebeccah Love to discuss her upcoming release (Eve Parade, filmed in our neighborhood of Regal Heights, Toronto). Questions emergent from our dialogue include:

Whose voices are heard on platforms that communicate mental health experiences?  How do people who have access to privilege and resources, shape what the public consciousness and understanding of psychiatric distress looks like?

How does Eve Parade convey the importance of storytelling? What is the messaging of Eve Parade? Where is this work going to land and why is it important?

Interviewing artists on their visceral experiences of mental health, exemplified in Eve Parade is ambiguous terrain. Will it be possible to have a fruitful discussion through embodied listening and sharing without alienation? In a dominant culture where TV/media is overproduced (staged with pre-determined aesthetic outcomes), is there space to embrace spontaneity in filmmaking (through movement and unscripted improvisation)? In a short film like Eve Parade, are there lessons embedded within its metaphors that remain accessible to a regular viewer? …”

You can read more, including a transcript of the full interview itself, from here.

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