The Top 10 Psychedelic Science Studies Of 2022

This article by Zeus Tipado has been published by HealingMaps. It begins:

“Before you can assemble a list of the top ten greatest psychedelic science studies of 2022, you must first read every psychedelic study of 2022. I cannot stress enough how much of a social-life-depriving task this truly is.

It’s one thing to read every psychedelic neuroscience study ever conducted since 2017 during a pandemic. However, to read every psychedelic study for an entire year while living in an area of Europe that’s within a short train ride of three other countries, you realize that there’s other things to do in life besides affixing your eyes to the dim glow of some science paper emanating from your laptop.

Nevertheless, someone has to do it — so I did. The difficult part wasn’t reading stacks of papers. It was only selecting ten for this article — and then calling it the ‘“’ten greatest psychedelic science studies of 2022.’”’

Some of the studies left off the list are from my own colleagues at Maastricht University. People that have offices just a few doors down from me. Do you understand the agony that will be racing through my arteries the next time I walk into our laboratory knowing that I read the work of my own colleagues in my own lab and made the conscious decision of proclaiming ‘meh, your work isn’t great.’ It’s a position that I don’t wish on anyone, but I’m built for this.

So let’s get on to the top 10 psychedelic science studies of 2022 …”

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