That Was Then, This Is Now: Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy For The Rest Of Us

This article by Dr. Jonathan Shedler has been published in Contemporary Psychoanalysis. The abstract says:

“Psychoanalysis has an image problem. The dominant narrative in the mental health professions and in society is that psychoanalysis is outmoded, discredited, and debunked. What most people know of it are pejorative stereotypes and caricatures dating to the horse and buggy era. The stereotypes are fueled by misinformation from external sources, including managed care companies and proponents of other therapies, who often treat psychoanalysis as a foil and whipping boy. But psychoanalysis also bears responsibility. Historically, psychoanalytic communities have been insular and inward facing. People who might otherwise be receptive to psychoanalytic approaches encounter impenetrable jargon and confusing infighting between rival theoretical schools. This article provides an accessible, jargon free, nonpartizan introduction to psychoanalytic thinking and therapy for students, clinicians trained in other approaches, and the public. It may be helpful to psychoanalytic colleagues who struggle to communicate to others just what it is that we do …”

You can find out more from here.

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