Anne Cooke

The art-gallery as a resource for recovery for people who have experienced psychosis

This paper from Susannah Colbert, Anne Cooke, Paul M. Camic, and Neil Springham has been published in The Arts in Psychotherapy. The abstract says: “Dominant personal and community narratives of psychosis can often be experienced as oppressive and stigmatising. An important…
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Study Highlights Benefits of Non-Medical Approaches to Voice Hearing

This article by Ashley Bobak has been published by Mad in America. It begins: “New research supports a new, dialogic, non-medicalized approach to helping people who hear upsetting voices. The “ Talking with Voices ” (TwV) approach, which frames voice hearing relationally and understands…
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When the ads don’t work

This article , published on the website of Canterbury Christ Church University, has been written by Anne Cook and David Harper. It begins: “It’s a sobering thought that, for many people who use mental health services, other people’s reactions cause more…
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“The expert and the patient”: a discourse analysis of the house of commons’ debates regarding the 2007 Mental Health Act

This research article , published in the Journal of Mental Health, has been co-authored by Tom Kent, Anne Cooke and Ian Marsh. The abstract says: “Background: The Mental Health Act 1983 was amended in 2007. This legislation appears to be predicated on…
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Clinical psychologists’ use of transformative models of psychosis

“Evidence suggests that some ‘psychotic’ crises, whilst painful, can also be transformative, leading to personal growth and valued outcomes.” This research paper has been published in Counselling & Psychotherapy and co-authored by Dr. Anne Cooke and Dr. Caroline Brett. The abstract says:…
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