Renaming schizophrenia: a Japanese perspective

This paper from Mitsumoto Sato has been published by World Psychiatry. The abstract says: “In order to contribute to reduce the stigma related to schizophrenia and to improve clinical practice in the management of the disorder, the Japanese Society of Psychiatry…
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Framing Depression as a Functional Signal Rather than a Disease Promotes Hope and Reduces Stigma, Study Finds

This report from Julia Lejeune has been published by Mad in America. It begins: “New research reveals that individuals seeking depression treatment may benefit from an explanation of depression as serving an important human function, as opposed to a disease arising…
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The art-gallery as a resource for recovery for people who have experienced psychosis

This paper from Susannah Colbert, Anne Cooke, Paul M. Camic, and Neil Springham has been published in The Arts in Psychotherapy. The abstract says: “Dominant personal and community narratives of psychosis can often be experienced as oppressive and stigmatising. An important…
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Effects of a chemical imbalance causal explanation on individuals’ perceptions of their depressive symptoms

This study by Joshua Kemp, James Lickel and Brett Deacon has been published in Behaviour Research and Therapy. The abstract says: “Although the chemical imbalance theory is the dominant causal explanation of depression in the United States, little is known about…
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Combatting Structural Racism and Classism in Psychiatry: An Interview with Helena Hansen

In this interview , published on Mad in America (and relating more to an American context), Richard Sears talks to psychiatrist and anthropologist Helena Hansen about bringing structural competency to psychiatry while rebuilding communities through activism and mutual aid. Here is…
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When the ads don’t work

This article , published on the website of Canterbury Christ Church University, has been written by Anne Cook and David Harper. It begins: “It’s a sobering thought that, for many people who use mental health services, other people’s reactions cause more…
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Mental health professionals who experience mental ill health

What about mental health professionals who are in the ‘dual position’ of being both helper and having received help? The In2gr8mentalhealth website was designed and launched by clinical psychologist Dr. Natalie Kemp in October 2017. It aims to: “… destigmatise the…
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Thinking (differently) about suicide

In Searching for a Rose Garden: challenging psychiatry, fostering mad studies , Chapter 10 is called “Thinking (differently) about suicide”. Written by David Webb, it concerns his enquiry into suicide after he stopped being actively suicidal: “… As I continued to wade through the literature, I realised that the actual suicidal…
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Mental Illness Weaponry and Shrink Hypocrisy About Abolishing Stigma

Writing in CounterPunch , Bruce E. Levine, says: “I am a mental health professional, a clinical psychologist, which is not quite as bad as being a psychiatrist but still nothing to brag about. Hypocrisy in U.S. mental health professional policy abounds…
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