attractor landscapes

Think of mental disorders as the mind’s ‘sticky tendencies’

This article by Kristopher Nielsen has been published in Aeon. It begins: “What exactly are mental disorders? The answer to this question is important because it informs how researchers should go about trying to explain mental disorders, how the public responds…
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The Philosophy of Complexity

The emerging field of Complexity Science is highly relevant to the ecological paradigm for mental health that we are proposing. In  The Philosophy of Complexity , Chris Lucas identifies three main strands in complexity thought: Systems thinking (incorporating cybernetics) which relates to non-specific systems. Organic thinking (including evolution) relating…
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An interactive introduction to attractor landscapes

The concept of  attractor landscapes is part of the emerging field of Complexity Science. It connects to systems theory and in particular to an understanding of complex adaptive systems. The human brain – perhaps the most complex phenomenon in the known universe…
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