complex adaptive systems

Systems all the way down: embracing complexity in mental health research

This editorial by Eiko Fried and Donald Robinaugh has been published in BMC Medicine. The abstract says: “In this editorial for the collection on complexity in mental health research, we introduce and summarize the inaugural contributions to this collection: a series…
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Causality in Psychotherapy Research

As published on the website of the Centre for the Study of Causality, Complexity and Evidence in Health Sciences , this 45 minute video features Dr. Hanne Oddli (Associate Professor at the Department of Psychology, University of Oslo), a clinical psychologist, and researcher. In the video, “she presents the ongoing work promoting evidential…
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Integrative Psychotherapy: A Feedback-Driven Dynamic Systems Approach

This book has been written by Guenter Schiepek, Heiko Eckert, Benjamin Aas, Sebastian Wallot and Anna Wallot. The publishers say that it: “… introduces a new, integrative, systemic approach to psychotherapy and counseling and shows how the principles of dynamic complex…
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An interactive introduction to attractor landscapes

The concept of  attractor landscapes is part of the emerging field of Complexity Science. It connects to systems theory and in particular to an understanding of complex adaptive systems. The human brain – perhaps the most complex phenomenon in the known universe…
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The Process of Psychotherapy: Causation and Chance

Set for publication in June 2019, this book has been written by Wolfgang Tschacher and Hermann Haken. The publishers say: “This book describes an encompassing modeling approach to psychotherapy, created with the most recent research in the field. Therapeutic interventions are…
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Thinking about complexity in health

Complexity Science is an emerging field that is highly relevant to the subject of healthcare in general and mental healthcare in particular. Related to this field are subjects such as complex adaptive systems, complexity theory and systems thinking. “ Thinking about complexity in health: A systematic review of the key systems thinking and complexity ideas in health ”…
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The Value of Systems and Complexity Sciences for Healthcare

This book, edited by Prof. Joachim P. Sturmberg, is based on the proceedings of the 1st International Conference of Systems and Complexity for Healthcare. The publishers say: “This visionary reframing of health and healthcare uses a complexity science approach to…
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Health System Redesign: How to Make Health Care Person-Centered, Equitable, and Sustainable

The publishers of this 2018 book (written by Joachim P. Sturmberg) say: “This forward-looking volume challenges professionals and interested lay readers to reconsider our ways of looking at health and wellness, illness and disease, and the goals of health/healthcare systems. Reframing…
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