Daniel Mackler

My Reflections on the Finnish Open Dialogue Project

This article was created as a guest-post on Everything Matters: Beyond Meds, a blog-site run by Monica Cassani. The article stems from conversation she had with film-maker Daniel Mackler, the article’s author, who revealed that the psychiatric hospital he’d visited (when…
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Open Dialogue: an alternative Finnish approach to healing psychosis

This 74-minute film – a 3 minute trailer is also available – looks at the Open Dialogue Project  as developed in Finland by Prof. Jaakko Seikkula The film’s maker, Daniel Mackler, says this project is presently [as of 2010 when the film was…
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Take These Broken Wings: Recovery from ‘Schizophrenia’ Without Medication

Released in 2008, this film is directed by Daniel Mackler and looks at how that people can recover fully from ‘schizophrenia’ without psychiatric medication … when (says the film director) “according to most of the mental health field, and of…
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Healing Homes: recovery from psychosis without medicine

Healing Homes is a feature-length documentary film, directed by Daniel Mackler, which chronicles the work of the Family Care Foundation (Gothenburg, Sweden) who, in this era of multi-drug cocktails and psychiatric diagnoses-for-life, run programmes to help people recover from psychosis without medication. The organisation, backed…
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