quality of life

ADHD Diagnosis Leads to Worse Quality of Life, Increased Self-Harm in Kids

“When comparing kids with the same symptoms who were either diagnosed with ADHD or not, those who received the diagnosis had worse outcomes.” This report by Peter Simmons has been published by Mad in America. It begins: “In a new study,…
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A multidimensional understanding of prosperity and well-being at country level: Data-driven explorations

This research article , published in PLOS ONE (an international, peer-reviewed, open-access, online science publication), has been written by Mohsen Joshanloom, Veljko Jovanović and Tim Taylor. The abstract says: “Social scientists have been interested in measuring the prosperity, well-being, and quality of…
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Positive and negative effects of antipsychotic medication: an international online survey of 832 recipients

As published in the March 1st 2019 edition of Drug Safety, this survey was conducted by John Read and James Williams. The abstract says: “Background: Antipsychotic medication is currently the treatment of choice for psychosis, but few studies directly survey the…
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