Improving mental health is a walk in the park (but mind the volcanoes)

This article by Jann Bellamy has been published by Science-Based Medicine. It begins: “A  new study  from researchers at the University of Vermont adds to the body of evidence suggesting that better mental health is right out your front door. [Schwartz, AJ, et…
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Forget regret! How to have a happy life – according to the world’s leading expert

“relationships … don’t just make us happy; they also help us weather the unhappy times, the challenges.” This article by Emine Saner is about an interview with Dr. Robert Waldinger (director of the Harvard Study of Adult Development, which has been…
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The Happiness Hypothesis: Putting Ancient Wisdom to the Test of Modern Science

This book comes from social psychologist Jonathan Haidt. The publishers say: “Every culture rests on a bedrock of folk wisdom handed down through generations.The pronouncements of philosophers are homespun by our grandmothers, and find their way into our common sense: what…
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Scientific Pollyannaism: From Inquisition to Positive Psychology

This book has been written by Oksana Yakushko. The publishers say: “This book argues that the story of the orphan girl Pollyanna (namely, her strategy of playing the ‘glad games’ to manage loss, abuse, and social prejudice) serves as a framework…
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A Philosophy for the Science of Well-Being

This book has been written by Anna Alexandrova. The publisher’s abstract says: “Well-being, happiness, and quality of life are now established objects of social and medical research. Does this science produce knowledge that is properly about well-being? What sort of well-being?…
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Scientists discover what could be stopping you from happiness

“A new study of 7,443 people from 40 countries were questioned on their emotional wellbeing, satisfaction with life and mood complaints” This article by Joe Pinkstone – concerning a study by researchers from Tilburg University (Netherlands) – appears in The Telegraph….
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The Importance of Suffering: The Value and Meaning of Emotional Discontent

“James Davies argues that we have created a culture that assumes happiness to be the normal, healthy human condition. Deviations from the blissful path — sadness, anxiety, disappointment — are thus treated as illnesses in search of a cure”.David Von…
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There’s More To Life Than Happiness

“I think it’s not just that you pursue a project beyond yourself because it will make you happy, but that you pursue a project beyond yourself because it makes suffering worthwhile. It’s not that you do these things because the…
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Science of happiness course improves students’ mental health, study finds

“Almost 1,000 students at the University of Bristol have taken the 12-week course.” Claire Hayhurst reports for the Evening Standard: “A university course teaching students lessons in happiness improves their mental wellbeing, research has found. The University of Bristol’s  Science  of Happiness…
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