Hope in Counselling & Psychotherapy

Hope in Counselling & Psychotherapy (Denis O’Hara, Sage Publications, 2013).


Engendering ‘hope’ is at the heart of counselling and psychotherapy but little attempt has been made to actually explain how and why it may be fostered.


Understanding the central role of hope in healing and personal growth is an essential element of counsellor training and practice. It forms the basis of the therapeutic relationship and is integral to the very aims and motivation of counselling.


Keeping theory firmly grounded in real-life practice, this book explores:

• The nature of hope and how it is conceptualised from different theoretical perspectives.
• The common psychotherapeutic practices which engender hope and how they translate into effective practice
• The role of the counsellor in the process
• How to manage expectations and work effectively with clients suffering with severe and enduring psychological challenges
• Hope measures, and how to be a research-informed practitioner.

Packed full of case examples, practical exercise and points for reflection, this book is essential reading for any training or practising healthcare professional looking to understand the role of hope in the process of change.


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