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How ‘Buddy Benches’ are making playtime less lonely

Dougal Shaw for the BBC reports : “The school playground can be a lonely place for a child if they haven’t got anyone to play with. But a special type of bench is helping pupils make friends and get people talking…
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We Need a Thorough Investigation of the STAR*D Scandal

This article by Robert Whitaker in the May 2011 edition of Psychology Today is well worth reading, despite it being published over seven years ago. Subtitled “Should reports from the NIMH’s STAR*D trial be retracted?”, it begins: “For some time now,…
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Drugs alone won’t cure the epidemic of depression. We need strategy

In my own odyssey through this valley of shadows I have mulled over three approaches – between them, they offer a pathway to a wider societal cure. The Guardian article below is from Mark Rice-Oxley, author of Underneath the Lemon Tree: A Memoir of Depression and Recovery : “It’s become…
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Searching for a Rose Garden: challenging psychiatry, fostering mad studies

The publishers ( PCCS Books , 2016) of Searching for a Rose Garden describe it as “an incisive critique of all that is unhelpful about sanestream understandings of and responses to mental distress. Drawing on world-wide survivor activism and scholarship, it explores…
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