Normality Does Not Equal Mental Health

“Normality Does Not Equal Mental Health: The Need to Look Elsewhere for Standards of Good Psychological Health” is the first book-length study to question the equation of psychological normality and mental health.

The book’s publishers say that the author, Dr. Steven James Bartlett, “musters compelling evidence and careful analysis to challenge the paradigm accepted by mental health theorists and practitioners, a paradigm that is not only wrong, but can be damaging to those to whom it is applied—and to society as a whole.”

They continue by saying:

“In this bold, multidisciplinary work, Bartlett critiques the presumed standard of normality that permeates contemporary consciousness. Showing that the current concept of mental illness is fundamentally unacceptable because it is scientifically unfounded and the result of flawed thinking, he argues that adherence to the gold standard of psychological normality leads to nothing less than cultural impoverishment.”

You can find out more (and/or order the book) from here.

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