There’s More To Life Than Happiness

“I think it’s not just that you pursue a project beyond yourself because it will make you happy, but that you pursue a project beyond yourself because it makes suffering worthwhile. It’s not that you do these things because the end result is some feeling in your body, you pursue it as an end in itself.”

Dr. Ashley Frawley

“The truth is there is unlikely to be such a thing as a chemical imbalance and yet patients routinely give up their autonomy as consenting adults to tunnel-visioned pill-prescribing ‘experts’ who, invariably, are not guided by the science and appear to be too focused on thinking about things in individual terms.”

Dr. Mark Horowitz

This article (and associated video interview) appears on the Renegade Inc. website. The summary says:

“The US Declaration of Independence famously cites that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are inalienable rights.

But is the pursuit of happiness even possible? Or does this goal actually make life increasingly miserable and liberty more elusive?

Sociologist and author Dr. Ashley Frawley and trainee psychiatrist and researcher Dr. Mark Horowitz met up with Renegade Inc. host, Ross Ashcroft to discuss whether our incessant striving for happiness has been to the detriment of meaning.”

You can read more – and or watch the video interview – from here.

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