Cause of Death: Unknown

This is a new film that investigates the pharmaceutical industry and deaths from psychiatric drugs (it claims that anti-psychotic drugs have been responsible for at least 200,000 deaths). You can watch a 2½ minute trailer here.

The promotional text for the film says:

“When her older sister suddenly dies of cardiac arrest as a result of antipsychotic medication, Anniken Hoel embarks on an investigative detective mission that takes her right into the dark heart of parts of a pharmaceutical industry, where the manipulation of researchers, scientists and politicians is an everyday fact. And where dollars have more to say than the respect for human life.

Hoel travels around the world to obtain testimony from experts, patients and (after many attempts) representatives of the pharmaceutical industry, and she presents her complex research in an impressively level-headed way. But behind her systematic stubbornness is a smouldering anger about the tragic fate of her sister and thousands of others. An anger you will soon end up sharing in this shocking but also deeply moving and phenomenally captivating journalistic film, which fights cynicism and greed to the hilt.”

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