Two Months Ago I Decided to Do Life Without Medication

An article by Lizzy Kirk in the Mental Movement Magazine …

“So, I’m starting this wonderful new chapter in my life – something that I never imagined I’d be doing, and I’m doing it without medication!

It’s been nearly 2 months now since I took my last dose of fluoxetine which I have taken on and off for the last 10 years for depression, OCD, anxiety, and bulimia. The most important thing you should know is that I stopped taking the medication because I felt ready to and under the supervision of my doctor (you should never just stop taking any medication without seeking medical advice first).

Suffering from depression when you have nothing really to be depressed about can be frustrating and confusing, and if you don’t understand it yourself there’s no chance anyone else around you will get it either. It makes such a difference now more people are being open and talking about mental health issues, it’s not a dirty word anymore and people don’t need to afraid or ashamed to speak about how they feel.

It’s totally impossible to fully describe to you the way I feel when I’m at my worst! I don’t understand it myself half the time, but imagine constantly battling in your mind, every moment trying to decide if the reactions you are having to everyday situations are normal or if you should be thinking, feeling or acting differently! Sometimes I even know that the what I’m thinking is absolute nonsense and I tell myself that repeatedly but I still slip back to the original nonsense thoughts …”

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