Psychiatry’s Greatest Harm: Its Lies Have Poisoned Our Entire Culture

In this blog post from the Mad In America website, psychiatrist Lawrence Kelmenson writes:

“As modern psychiatry grows larger and larger, it becomes hungrier and hungrier for more clients. Its formula is to invent fake ‘illnesses’ that everyone meets criteria for, and to lure people to seek fake ‘cures’ that really make them permanently ‘ill.’ But there is a more pervasive, ominous, and subtle way that U.S. adoption of the medical model has spread ‘mental illness’ and drug addiction.

The medical model’s myths have been deeply embedded in our culture for 30 years now. Today’s young parents have thus always been bombarded with lies about emotional/behavioral issues like ‘ADHD’ or ‘bipolar’ being genetic/chemical ‘brain diseases.’ For example, WebMD says: “There is no way to prevent ADHD.” Many parents thus think that child and adult problems are fated by one’s genes (hardwired), so it’s not their fault if their kids develop them. If kids’ troubles are not due to anything parents do or don’t do, then kids not having troubles isn’t due to anything parents do or don’t do, either. It implies parents can have little effect on how their kids turn out …”

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