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Doctor knows best, poisoned chalices, and beings on drugs: Young people’s accounts of getting the diagnosis of bipolar disorder

This account by JP Marshall of part of a research study has been published by Mad in the UK. It begins: “Not long ago, as part of a research study, I asked six young people how it was for them to…
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Critical Suicidology: Transforming Suicide Research and Prevention for the 21st Century

This book has been co-authored by Jennifer White, Ian Marsh, Michael J. Kral, and Jonathan Morris. The publishers say: “In Critical Suicidology, a team of international scholars, practitioners, and people directly affected by suicide argue that the field of suicidology has…
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Effects of biological explanations for mental disorders on clinicians’ empathy

This study by Matthew S Lebowitz and Woo-kyoung Ahn has been published on the PubMed website. The abstract says: “Mental disorders are increasingly understood in terms of biological mechanisms. We examined how such biological explanations of patients’ symptoms would affect mental…
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Twenty Billion Fails to “Move the Needle” on Mental Illness

This report by Dr. Gregg Henriques has been published in Psychology Today. It begins: “ Former NIMH head Thomas Insel recently made a remarkable concession . He acknowledged that the biomedical framework he adopted while directing $20 billion dollars in NIMH research funds failed to “move the needle” in improving the lives of the millions…
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World needs “revolution” in mental health care – UN rights expert

This news item comes from the United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner. It begins: “GENEVA (6 June 2017) – The United Nations Special Rapporteur on the right to health, Dainius Pūras, has called for a sea change in mental…
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A Manifesto for Mental Health: Why We Need a Revolution in Mental Health Care

This book has been written by Prof. Peter Kinderman. The publishers say: “A Manifesto for Mental Health presents a radically new and distinctive outlook that critically examines the dominant ‘disease-model’ of mental health care. Incorporating the latest findings from both biological neuroscience…
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Medicine’s perception of reality – a split picture: critical reflections on apparent anomalies within the biomedical theory of science

This article has been published in the Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice. Although it concerns medical philosophy and practice in general, much of its content is relevant to mental healthcare – especially given the biomedical model upon which the current…
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Marjorie Castillo reviews “Anxiety — The Inside Story”

“He argues that psychiatry has no theory of mental disorders, and views psychological disorders as originating in biology. He explains that this ideological perspective is highly problematic because it ignores the source of mental distress, and instead pushes biologically-based treatments…
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