Take Your Pills

Take Your Pills is a Netflix documentary (87 minutes, March 2018), directed by Alison Klayman:

A review on Rotten Tomatoes says:

“The pressure to achieve more, do more, and be more is part of being human – and in the age of Adderall and Ritalin, achieving that can be as close as the local pharmacy. No longer just ‘a cure for excitable kids,’ prescription stimulants are in college classrooms, on Wall Street, in Silicon Valley…any place ‘the need to succeed’ slams into ‘not enough hours in the day.’

“Frustrated at the failure to find cures for serious diseases like cancer and dementia, the pharmaceutical industry has been forced to look elsewhere for profitable markets for its products. This explains the rise of so-called ‘lifestyle’ drugs …” The Rise and Fall of Modern Medicine (p. 284-285), by James Le Fanu.

But there are costs. In the insightful Netflix documentary TAKE YOUR PILLS, award-winning documentarian Alison Klayman (Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry) focuses on the history, the facts, and the pervasiveness of cognitive-enhancement drugs in our amped-up era of late-stage-capitalism.

Executive produced by Maria Shriver and Christina Schwarzenegger, TAKE YOUR PILLS examines what some view as a brave new world of limitless possibilities, and others see as a sped-up ride down a synaptic slippery slope, as these pills have become the defining drug of a generation …”

You can watch a trailer here.

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