The Systematic Corruption of Global Mental health: Book One – Prescribed Drug Dependence

The author says:

“As a medical doctor with 35 years’ experience and a psychotherapist for 15 years, it has been clear to me for over two decades that there is a subtle but powerful systematic corruption within global mental health.

For example, after the debacle of the belated acknowledgement of benzodiazepine addiction, the powers-that-be changed the definition of addiction to suit themselves, to make it far more difficult for a drug to meet the definition of addiction.

This corruption has a major impact on how societies collectively understand – more accurately, misunderstand – emotional and mental health problems and how they are addressed.

In this first book in this series, the topic is prescribed drug dependence. I set out the dominant narrative in relation to medications prescribed for emotional and mental health problems. I then set out the truth …”

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