Time for a New Paradigm? Psychotherapy Outcomes Stagnant for 40 years

“That psychotherapy works, says more about humans and our need for connection, meaning, and purpose, than it does about the particulars of any given model or approach.”

Dr. Scott Miller

“You’ve heard it said before. Flying is the safest form of transportation.

Facts back up the claim. In fact, it’s not even close. In terms of distance traveled, the fatality rate per billion kilometers is .003, improving dramatically over the years. Cars, by contrast, are almost 1,000 times more dangerous. Still, since 1923, the fatality rate in motor vehicle accidents has declined an eye-popping 93%.

How about psychotherapy? Have outcomes improved? Judging by the size of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual and growth in the number of treatment approaches, one would expect success rates to have climbed significantly, if not exponentially. Not so, as I first presented at the Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference five years ago, and later on this blog, the empirical evidence clearly shows NO improvement …”

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  1. Zel Dolinsky, PhD in Biopsychology

    Here is the survey regarding nearly 500 individuals psychiatrically hospitalized in the US that I mentioned in a previous comment.


    Dr. Zel Dolinsky, PhD in Biopsychology


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