Shamans Among Us: Schizophrenia, Shamanism and the Evolutionary Origins of Religion

This book comes from Joseph Polimeni. The publishers say: “Schizophrenia is one of the most enigmatic human experiences. While it can cause terrible distress, it doesn’t fit the mold of a classic medical disease. In Shamans Among Us, Joseph Polimeni shows…
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Hearing Voices: A Common Human Experience

This book has been written by John Watkins. The publishers say: “Although hearing voices is often considered a hallmark of madness it is actually a rather common experience. While voices are a prominent symptom of ‘psychotic disorders’ [we’ve added the quote marks] like…
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Mapping Our Madness: The Hero’s Journey as A Therapeutic Approach

In Psychosis and Spirituality: Consolidating the New Paradigm , Chapter 18 is authored by Janice Hartley and called “Mapping Our Madness: The Hero’s Journey as A Therapeutic Approach”. She writes: “… The Hero’s Journey approach suggests that although someone may be ‘out of touch’ with consensus reality,…
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Time for a New Paradigm? Psychotherapy Outcomes Stagnant for 40 years

Dr. Scott Miller “You’ve heard it said before. Flying is the safest form of transportation. Facts back up the claim. In fact, it’s not even close. In terms of distance traveled, the fatality rate per billion kilometers is .003, improving…
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