Hearing Voices: A Common Human Experience

Although hearing voices is often considered a hallmark of madness it is actually a rather common experience.”

This book has been written by John Watkins. The publishers say:

“Although hearing voices is often considered a hallmark of madness it is actually a rather common experience. While voices are a prominent symptom of ‘psychotic disorders’ [we’ve added the quote marks] like ‘schizophrenia’ [we’ve again added the quote marks] they can, also, occur in many other contexts.

Many well-adjusted individuals have had at least one memorable voice experience and some people have them regularly. While some experiences are disturbing, others provide comfort, reassurance and guidance. Benign inner voices often occur in association with non-ordinary states of consciousness, mystical and paranormal phenomena, near-death experiences and shamanic practices and may serve as a vehicle for creative inspiration, extrasensory communication, the call of vocation and spiritual revelation.

HEARING VOICES ventures beyond conventional psychiatric therapies whose sole aim is symptom eradication to explore ways of working creatively with voices and other inner experiences to foster personal growth, healing and recovery.

Included is:

  • A detailed description of a wide variety of voice hearing experiences.
  • An overview of the theories accounting for how and why this happens.
  • A range of practical techniques for coping with voices.
  • Guidelines for applying spiritual discernment to hearing voices.

Strategies for optimising the personal value of voice hearing experiences …”

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