Rethinking the Use of Psychiatric Drugs

In “Rethinking the Use of Psychiatric Drugs” (Nov. 2016), Robert Whitaker writes:

“As prescriptions for antidepressants and other psychiatric drugs have risen, the number of people disabled by mental disorders, in country after country, has risen in lockstep.”

He continues:

  • Psychiatric drugs do not normalize brain chemistry; they create abnormalities in the functioning of neurotransmitter systems.
  • Research studies reveal that antidepressants increase the risk that: (1) depression will run a chronic course; (2) a unipolar patient will convert to bipolar disorder; (3) a patient will become impaired and go on government disability.
  • Research studies have found that antipsychotics worsen functional outcomes over the long term …”

You can read more – including the results of many studies and details of A Model for Selective Use of Antipsychotics – from here.

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