brain chemistry

Understanding Anxiety and Depression (part 2): Antidepressants

“Despite the exponential use of antidepressant medications … We still have no clue about levels of serotonin, or any other neurotransmitter, before or after treatment, or if this correlates with improvement in symptoms. More to the point, as a society,…
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I studied neuroscience to understand my addictions. Now I know it’s not the cure

“Substance misuse is not a simple problem of brain chemistry. The most powerful influences lie outside our heads” Writing in The Guardian , Judith Grisel says: “I used to think addiction was caused by screwy molecules in the brain, and would be…
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Rethinking the Use of Psychiatric Drugs

In “ Rethinking the Use of Psychiatric Drugs ” (Nov. 2016), Robert Whitaker writes: “As prescriptions for antidepressants and other psychiatric drugs have risen, the number of people disabled by mental disorders, in country after country, has risen in lockstep.” He continues: Psychiatric drugs do not…
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