Madness and Genetic Determinism: Is Mental Illness in Our Genes?

“As I researched this book, I came to realise that there were actually two separate stories that needed telling. One was the story of biological psychiatry, with its emphasis on bio-genetic explanations for mental illness and somatic remedies, and the other was the story of humanistic psychiatry, with its emphasis on personal and social causes and remedies.”

Prof. Patrick Hahn

The publishers say:

“The book covers important topics in the psychiatric genetics (PG) field. Many of these have been overlooked in mainstream accounts, and many contemporary PG researchers have omitted or whitewashed the eugenic and “racial hygiene” origins of the field.

The author critically analyzes PG evidence in support of genetic claims which, given the lack of gene discoveries, are based mainly on the results of psychiatric twin and adoption studies. Given that the evidence in favor of genetic influences is much weaker than mainstream sources report, due to serious issues in twin and adoption research, the author points to environmental factors, including trauma, as the main causes of conditions such as schizophrenia …”

You can find out more – including the book’s Table of Contents and reading part of the Preface – from here.

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