Food and Mood: Improving Mental Health Through Diet and Nutrition

This free, online course is offered by FutureLearn (owned by the Open University) and explores the relationship between nutrition and brain health, why it matters, and how to work towards positive food changes.

“Poor diet and poor mental health are leading causes of death and illness worldwide. Critically, it is now known that diet quality is a key factor in influencing mental and brain health across all stages of life.”

The course organisers say:

“Learn how healthy dietary choices can improve your mental and brain health

On this course, you will explore the physiological ways your daily diet can affect your mental and brain health. You will consider the role of the immune system and also the gut microbiome.

As you explore the link between mood and food, you will uncover the steps that can be taken to change diet patterns which influence poor mental health.

What topics will you cover?

  • The relationship between diet/nutrition and mental and brain health
  • Factors influencing diet, nutrition and mental health
  • Dietary styles, behaviours, guidelines and assessment
  • The role of inflammation and gut microbiota for mental health
  • How diet can be optimised for mental and brain health …”

You can find out more from here.

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