Diverted: A journey of resilience to the newest frontier of inclusion

This book has been written by Roxanne Hobbs. The publishers say:

“Roxanne and her husband were blindsided when their son’s schoolteacher suggested that their five-year-old was autistic. In a five-minute meeting, the shift from confident parents of a ‘normal’ child to parents who had a son with suspected special needs was all too sudden. 

As a result of their experiences, Roxanne and her husband have expanded their understanding of resilience and humanity. This has inspired them to implement the change that they want to see in the world. They now believe neurodiversity to be the newest frontier of inclusion.

Diverted is the journey of their struggle, their learning and, ultimately, their strength. It is the story of an ongoing mission for two parents to make sense of their reaction as their preconceptions shift. This inspiring book reshapes our understanding of what it is to be human and to live in a more inclusive world …”

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