Heartbeats of Hope: The Empowerment Way to Recover

This book has been written by Dr. Daniel Fisher (psychiatrist), following his experiences as a recipient of treatment within the psychiatric system. He says:

“I hope for a day when … Every person who experiences extreme emotional states is engaged in respectful, hopeful, humanistic, and empowering relationships that enable them to heal and recover full, meaningful lives in the community. … Instead of being seen as threats to society, we will be seen as a source of wisdom that we have obtained through our recovery …”

A review of this book by Ron Unger (Mad in America website) says:

“While ‘schizophrenia’ is often thought by professionals to be a ‘thought disorder,’ Daniel’s story illustrates the way difficulty in relating to affect, to feelings and emotions, can really be at the root of the apparent ‘symptoms.’ As Daniel recovered, he learned to accept his feelings and his relations with others as central to his existence, and then this perspective informed his treatment approach once he did become a psychiatrist.

Regarding relations with others, he wrote that ‘something about being in deep relationship allows the variety of my seemingly independent selves to come together into a community of selves that I call my self.’

The later parts of the book explore what mental health care focused on healing looks like.  He emphasizes supporting personal empowerment, the promise of dialogical approaches, and the basic process of attunement through ’emotional CPR.’ Detailed examples of how these approaches work are included …”

You can find out more about this book from here.

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