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Researchers Outline Coproduction Framework for Inpatient Mental Health

This report by Richard Sears has been published by Mad in America. It begins: “In a new article published in Academic Quarter, Michael John Norton and Calvin Swords explore coproduction in acute inpatient mental health services. The authors examine the dominance of the…
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The Emperor’s New Clothes

“‘The good ones leave, the weak ones follow the crowd, and the leaders bully and intimidate …” This blog-article comes from   Dr Creatively Maladjusted and has been published on Mad in the UK. It begins: “The anonymous blogger of  The Double Life of the Recovered Professional  wrote: ‘The good ones leave, the…
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Heartbeats of Hope: The Empowerment Way to Recover

This book has been written by Dr. Daniel Fisher (psychiatrist), following his experiences as a recipient of treatment within the psychiatric system. He says: “I hope for a day when … Every person who experiences extreme emotional states is engaged in…
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Models of Mental Health (Foundations of Mental Health Practice)

This book has been co-authored by Gavin Davidson, Jim Campbell, Ciaran Shannon and Ciaran Mulholland. The publishers say: “This key text book presents a critical overview of the main theoretical perspectives relevant to mental health practice and argues that no one…
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Designed by patients: the mental health centre saving the NHS £300,000 a year

The patients who use the Gellinudd Recovery Centre have a say in everything from policy to the decor. Could co-produced innovations be the future for mental health care? Soft, neatly folded blankets hang invitingly over the backs of the modern…
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