New Study Links Certain Words with Depression in Teens

“Being able to express oneself is the key to mental healthiness”

From an article by Diana Bruk in BestLife:

“They say communication is the key to any healthy relationship, whether it’s a romantic, familial, or platonic one. And historically, no one struggles with communication more than teens, who are notorious for putting up walls and giving one-word answers. Now, there’s proof that teenagers who don’t talk about their feelings are actually harming themselves in the long run. According to a new study published in the journal Emotion, teenagers who can describe their negative feelings in more precise ways are better equipped to stave off depression that those who can’t.

Researchers out of the University of Rochester asked 233 teenagers with an average age of 16 to report their feelings four times a day over the course of one week, and conducted follow-up interviews with 193 of them a year and a half later. They focused specifically on negative emotion differentiation (NED)—the ability to describe one’s feelings in detail …”

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