The Healing Power of Compassion with Dr Julian Abel

This podcast features Dr. Julian Abel in conversation with Dr. Rangan Chatterjee, who writes:

“Today’s conversation is about one of my favourite topics – compassion. Compassion doesn’t just make us feel good but it can have powerful effects on our health and longevity. That’s something today’s guest has proved to great effect. Dr Julian Abel is a recently retired consultant in palliative (end of life) care and joint leader of the Frome Project, which aimed to end loneliness and improve health in a town in Somerset, by building community connections. In providing compassionate alternatives to medical intervention, Frome saw emergency hospital admissions drop by 30 per cent along with improved quality of life scores, health outcomes and costs.

In this conversation Julian shares the evidence behind using compassion as a therapeutic tool, explaining that good social relationships are more powerful than pretty much any other intervention we have, including giving up smoking, drinking, diet, or exercise in helping us live longer. Compassion is far from the soft approach, it is in fact more powerful than many of the medicines we have.

Julian also talks about his own experience as a palliative care doctor and the lessons he learned from people at the end of their lives. He shares many uplifting and empowering stories that will convince even the biggest skeptic that compassion and connection should be at the centre of everything we do – after all, it is what makes us uniquely human.”

You can listen to the podcast from here.

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