What’s it like to set up a Mental Health Political Party?

The producers (From Therapy to Social Change) of this podcast say: “Dr Ben Mullings, counselling psychologist, has been a fierce advocate for mental health reform in Australia. In this podcast dialogue, Ben describes his journey of establishing the Alliance for Better…
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Branding Diseases—How Drug Companies Market Psychiatric Conditions: An Interview with Ray Moynihan

In this podcast (with accompanying transcript) from Mad in America, Ayurdhi Dhar interviews Ray Moynihan. The podcast producers say: “Ray Moynihan is an accomplished health journalist and author who has won several awards for his work. He is also an academic…
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How This Jungian Life Made Carl Jung Cool Again

This article by Louis Cheslaw has been published in Vulture. It begins: “For Matthew Quick, the author of Silver Linings Playbook, 2020 was the third year of a crippling writer’s block. Long runs near his home, in the woods of North Carolina’s…
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A History of Delusions

This excellent podcast (57 minutes) from the BBC explores many different aspects of delusions, including some of their causes, and some ways of best helping those who experience them. Presented by clinical psychologist Prof. Daniel Freeman, the podcast’s coverage also includes:…
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The Healing Power of Compassion with Dr Julian Abel

This podcast features Dr. Julian Abel in conversation with Dr. Rangan Chatterjee, who writes: “Today’s conversation is about one of my favourite topics – compassion. Compassion doesn’t just make us feel good but it can have powerful effects on our health…
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Understanding Anxiety and Depression (part 2): Antidepressants

“Despite the exponential use of antidepressant medications … We still have no clue about levels of serotonin, or any other neurotransmitter, before or after treatment, or if this correlates with improvement in symptoms. More to the point, as a society,…
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“It’s Not Just a Chemical Imbalance”: discussion of an opinion piece in the NYT written by Kelli Mari

In this 40 minute podcast , Prof. Laurence Simon discusses an article – “It’s Not Just a Chemical Imbalance” – written by Kelli Maria Korducki in the New York Times. The podcast comes from his The Stories We Live By series, which is subtitled “Retelling our own life stories that are creative…
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