How diet can affect your mental wellbeing

This report comes from the BBC, who say:

“As the world has changed drastically since the start of the pandemic, it may well be your diet has too. But does the food you eat really affect your mental wellbeing? We asked the experts.

Eat at regular intervals

By eating regularly, you will keep your blood sugar levels consistent. So why is this a good thing? When blood sugar drops, it leads to tiredness and irritability, and inconsistent blood-sugar levels have even been linked to mood disorders including depression and anxiety. If your blood sugar spikes, this will be followed by a dip and you’ll be hit by these issues. So eating erratically might be doing more harm than just leaving you with a rumbly tummy.

Nutritionist Sonal Shah explains, “If you get hungry often in the day and this affects your mood, concentration and energy levels, then eating at regular intervals is important. Eating every three to four hours is fine to prevent one’s energy levels dropping as a result of blood-sugar levels dipping”.

But the Nutritionist Resource member warns this doesn’t mean you should eat all the time: “It’s not ideal to continuously snack on foods throughout the day, as this grazing doesn’t allow the appetite and insulin hormones to regulate optimally” …

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