Counselling And Psychotherapy For Beginners And Life Skills For Everyone

This book has been written by Judith Schuepfer-Griffin. The publishers say:

“Are you thinking of starting therapy and are unsure what to expect?

Or have you reached a point in your life where you feel stuck; where you want to peel back the layers and rediscover the ‘real you’?

Then this informative collection of articles is the perfect starting point.

Making counselling and psychotherapy concepts more accessible, and suggesting life skills which can improve our quality of life and our mental and emotional well-being, are the two main aims of this book.

Translating potentially difficult psychological and philosophical concepts into everyday language that everyone can understand is so important. Through the author’s work as a therapist, she knows how inspiring, exciting and liberating it can be to shake off the shackles we carry around with us for far too long.

This wonderful and highly informative book shares new ways of understanding what we perceive as our problems, and how to see them in a different light. It is full of practical ideas, and alternative ways of relating to others, ourselves, our difficulties and troublesome emotions.

We all need more Living Water in this often harsh, materialistic, soul-less world. We all need more insight into what it means to be human. And we all can learn to embrace our inner wisdom to help us enjoy a fulfilling life.

Find out who you really are – the authentic you. Discover your own truth. And be inspired to take action for positive change …”

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