Melodies for Mums with Postnatal Depression

The providers of this service (Breathe Arts Health Research) say:

Melodies for Mums is a ground-breaking singing service for mothers with postnatal depression.

Experience the joy of group singing and music-making to help improve health and emotional wellbeing. Join one of our FREE 6-week online programmes, designed to support new mothers who may be experiencing feelings of stress, anxiety and social isolation.

As well as reducing symptoms, Melodies for Mums was found to increase mothers’ confidence, reduce feelings of loneliness and help them bond with their babies.

It’s a simple solution to a complex problem. No medication, no lengthy programmes of therapy. Just getting together with a group of other women who’re experiencing similar difficulties and sharing something joyful.

Songs range from folk to gospel, in a number of different languages and sung in three-part harmonies, and workshops are led by a specialist arts and health musician.

Due to COVID-19, everything’s a little different right now and classes are currently online, but participants still report a meaningful boost to their wellbeing …”

The organiser also say that this programme “… tackles a challenging mental health condition for which there are currently no adequate solutions due to low uptake of medication and therapy in this population. Studies led by Dr Rosie Perkins and Dr Fancourt have demonstrated its effectiveness in reducing symptoms of PND faster than usual care or social groups … It has also been identified as a strong way of engaging mothers from minority backgrounds who are less likely to seek professional support for their mental health post-birth. The arts component was initially developed by the Royal College of Music and is now delivered by the award-winning arts organisation Breathe Arts Health Research …”

You can find out more from here.

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