I’ve experimented with psychedelic drugs to improve my mental health – don’t call me a ‘waster’

In an article published in The Independent, Kiran Sidhu writes:

“There’s a strength and a maturity in seeing things the way they are and not how you want them to be. MDMA and psychedelic therapy have been used as tools for tackling trauma. It may not fit in with everyone’s narrative, but it’s about time we integrated psychedelics into mental health

… This week, BBC Two aired The Psychedelic Drug Trial, which follows research on the effects of psychedelic drugs on mental health, and in March the world’s first psychedelic-assisted therapy clinic of its kind opened in Bristol. Behind this revolution in mental healthcare is UK-based scientific group, Awakn Life Sciences. The biotechnology company is pioneering psychedelics with psychotherapy as the next evolution in psychiatry. The scientific team is being led by Professor David Nutt and Dr Ben Sessa, author of The Psychedelic Renaissance.

I’ve used psychedelics and anti-depressant drugs to help me with my mental health. The prescription drugs don’t work. I’ve been prescribed antidepressants a few times, during the darkest periods of my life. With antidepressants, my personality changed from being expressive to distant and vague …”

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