Indicative Trauma Impact Manual 2023

This manual is currently on pre-order, with a release date of 1st March 2023. The publishers say:

A non-diagnostic, trauma-informed guide to emotion, thought, and behaviour.

This must-have manual presents the first trauma-informed, non-diagnostic alternative to other manuals of mental health issues and psychiatric disorders. Rather than lists of disorders and medicalised symptoms, this extensive manual provides information about hundreds of trauma responses, emotions, thoughts, behaviours and experiences that have previously been categorised as illnesses and disorders. 


This world-first trauma-informed manual equips progressive professionals with evidence-based, anti-oppressive, anti-blaming and non-diagnostic information about a wide range of human emotion, thought, and behaviour. Building on the quickly growing consensus that trauma-informed, anti-oppressive practice is vital to the way we understand society, ourselves, and our clients; this book provides the first comprehensive alternative to diagnostic manuals. 

The Indicative Trauma Impact Manual (ITIM) is suitable for:

  • Medical professionals 
  • Social workers
  • Therapists and counsellors 
  • Support workers 
  • Emergency services professionals 
  • Academics and students 
  • Teachers and education professionals 
  • Caseworkers 
  • Legal professionals 
  • Psychologists and Psychiatrists 
  • Health care professionals 
  • Any other professionals working with people in distress, trauma or crisis 

The manual describes, explains, and explores everything from nightmares to self-harming in an A-Z of emotions, thoughts and behaviours that are common in traumatised and distressed people. This edition also includes diagrams, theories and peer reviewed evidence throughout. 

The ITIM has been peer reviewed and tested by a range of senior professionals, academics, clinicians, and people with lived experience of trauma and distress.”

You can find out more from here.

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